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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Our trip is nearing an end, but we have one more stop to make.  I am on the lookout for anything of interest that we might see along the way.  Like this...
Or like this...
Because pretty soon we will be back to this...
 That's okay because we will also be seeing things like this...
Shelia and I were so tired from our hike up Enchanted Mountain that we opted for jammies and room service our first night on River Walk. We knew we would need our rest for the next day's adventure.  The next morning we decided to walk to the museum for a morning of art.  Whoa!  It was more than a two mile walk.  We barely felt it because the walk along River Walk was so beautiful.

We were able to rest while at the museum as we took in old and new art.

We decided to take a river taxi back to the hotel where food and Margarita were waiting close by.

After hours of exploring, we were ready for a restful evening.

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