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Friday, October 24, 2008

Blowing Rock, 2nd leg of a 3 leggedd trip

The second leg of my trip took me from Boone to Blowing Rock, NC. Population 800 or so, but it jumps to 8,000 in the summer. They were all there when I drove into town in the late afternoon. Why did I pick this town to visit? It is said to be the only place where snow falls upside down. The cliff sits 4,000 feet above sea level and 3,000 feet above Johns River Gorge where it forms a flume. When the northwest winds blow through here, the wind returns light objects upward. Or, there is the tale of the Cherokee brave, torn by the conflict of duty and heart, jumped off the cliff and was returned to his Chickasaw maiden one day when the wind blew him back up to her waiting arms…and since then the wind has blown up onto the rocks. Now I did not expect to see anyone from my past returning to me, but I did expect a spectacular view of the mountains.

The town has charm written all over the quaint shops on Main Street. After I looked at some art, I bellied up to a bar for some nourishment: Cranberry Chicken Salad, a Cosmopolitan, and then for dessert, a glass of Merlot. Afterward, I rested in my room at the Mountainaire Inn. Much better. Clean, clean, clean and a very comfy bed. At 7:30 PM, I joined some of my neighbors for a couple of hours of conversation in the cool night air as we relaxed around the outdoor fire pit. Aaahhh, did I sleep well that night. Early the next morning I walked across the street for a nice breakfast at Knight’s; probably a family name. Then I was off to see the town’s namesake, The Blowing Rock.
I arrived just as the door opened for the day and had the mountain to myself for a while before others started their exploration. That was okay because it allowed me to get a couple of photographs on someone on the rock. Travelling alone, I had no one to order onto the rock. I offer some photographs for you, but believe me when I tell you that the pictures do not fully capture the beauty of those mountains. Nor can you feel the crisp fall air. It was truly wonderful and I had to tear myself away.

I will stop now and let you rest. Before I tell you about the 3rd leg of my trip, I will tell you about a place I happened upon before I left Blowing Rock (the town, not the mountain). Later.

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  1. Oh please,please can we hear the rest of the story?? I don't know if I can wait!!! Please tell the rest,please,please.