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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I Saw This Week

I have been up since about 3:00 AM this morning, not feeling well. And now I am glad. Had I not watched the sun come up, I would not have seen this rainbow. A few nights ago, I saw my little friend back on the deck when we came home from work. He did not move as I took photos of him.
We have a Royal Palm tree in the front yard. I did not know they bloom! They actually have this beautiful flower that resembles wheat. It was covered with bees.

I think that is very cool.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday Drive

I remember Sunday drives as a child. My Mom, my brothers and sisters and I would attend church while Daddy bellied up to the bar at the Southern Saloon. He would pick us up after church, we would go home and have a nice Sunday dinner. Afterward, we would sometimes pile into the station wagon and go for a Sunday drive. In the mountains, of course, because that is where we lived. I remember trees, but not much more. I could not see that much out of the back seat. I do remember that we would sometimes check out the trout at the Alleghany Trout Farm. What I remember most is that I like Sunday drives. I'm not sure why, but the notion of a Sunday drive is comforting to me. Now when I go for a Sunday drive, it is on George's 17 foot Windrider Trimarand. We set out from Jessup Beach where George keeps the boat and we let the wind take us away. First, we get the boat ready...
...then we maneuver among these boats

...and we are off!

The great thing about the Trimarand is that we can beach it when we want to take a swim or snorkel.

This Sunday we met a very interesting couple in the water. We enjoyed hearing their story, which included Jib, their champion poodle. This dog is amazing. Check out their website

The ride home is always into the sunset. The winds are calm and so are we.

The Sunday drives as a child did not last as long as the Sunday drives I take now. I don't remember ever meeting anyone, and never did I have a sense of peace like I have when we return home. We relax in our slice of heaven and watch others go by on their Sunday drive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eric The Bartender's Last Night

Eric has been the bartender at Room With A View for several months, but he is leaving the island now. He came to see what life would be like here and was open to possibilities. Some change in his life. Maybe a new opportunity. It seems after his short time here, he has been presented with an opportunity that he could not say no to. So, Eric leaves us now to go explore this new possibility. We wish him well. Perhaps we will see him when the next season brings in another new wave of those who come here looking for an experience. Thanks, Eric for the good work you did for us and for being someone we could always count on and trust. We would welcome you should you decide to return.
Eric takes one of his last takeout orders.

Jennifer will be one of Eric's replacements. (How many people will it take to replace Eric?)

Eric gets a little support from his coworkers.
Jennifer gets encouragement from Javier.
Good luck, Jennifer.