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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Shelia and I are letting go the magic in the Hill Country of Texas. We are treated to a substantial breakfast at the Full Moon Inn. The breakfast included fresh eggs.  And I mean fresh from the Full Moon Inn farm.

Shelia and I planned to explore Fredericksburg and then take a driving tour to look at some old schoolhouses.  We thought it would be a good way to see the countryside.  Newfo was here for some quiet time, but he decided to ride along with us.  Fredericksburg is a very charming town with interesting shops and a nice selection of restaurants. The town is located in Central Texas in the Hill Country. Fredericksburg was settled in 1846.  The German settlement was the result of a liberal group of educated Germans from their social, political and economic conditions. The buildings and street names definitely reflect its German beginnings. The schools the Germans built were a result of their refusal to learn to speak English. The schools served as a method of preserving their own traditions. You would think the wide main street would be a modern day convenience, but it was originally designed to be wide enough to comfortably turn the horse and buggy around in the street.  So logical.

Ready to see the countryside, we let the schoolhouse driving tour be our guide. 

After hours of exploring, we headed back to the Inn. 

Newfo suggested we go to Lukenbach to hear some music.  Newfo joined in with the musicians with his guitar and voice.  Wow.  Pretty darn good, Newfo. Returning to the Inn, we three grabbed the chairs we purchased earlier at WalMart and headed out in the dark to the field for conversation, star gazing and a little wine sipping.

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