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Monday, May 31, 2010

April in Virginia

I love Virginia, especially the Shenandoah Valley. I was happy to go back for a visit. I ws looking forward to seeing lots of people, but only saw a few. Yearly medical exams took up a lot of my time, I spent an 8 hour day taking 2 classes back to back, stayed in bed one day with flu like systems due to an infusion and spent time in the ER with my Mom, getting home at 1:00 AM. Time gets away from us while we do life. Next thing you know, you hven't seen anyone and it is time to go home. I did get to spend lots of time with my Mom, which made it all worth while. My last day was my best. My sister and I put her two dogs in the car and we drove around the county for a few hours. It was glorious.

Tammy took the 2 classes with me. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in Charlottesville, Fellini's.

I met Cynthia (Mrs. Alaska) for lunch before a medical exam. Just trying to fit something in.

Then there was the drive with sister Cyn and the doggies.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

April in Atlanta

Five months after moving to St. Thomas, I went home for a visit. First, I stopped off in Atlanta to visit my friend Ellen. She is a great hostess and was my driver as we explored some of the area. Ellen and I both enjoy cooking and we are always up for eating. We did some of that.

Sometimes we would take a break from eating and do other things. One day we got lost (literally) in Ikea. The place is huge.

One day we went down on the Chatahoochee River. We say geese...

and fishermen...
and Ellen asked all kinds of questions. She learned from this man that you use regular canned corn, not the cream corn. Looks like she took in every word.

One day we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful day and any botanical garden makes for a great walk. They were getting ready to take down the Gardenia display, but we got there in time to see the wonderful display.

We did have some downtime at the house and did some catching up. Then I flew on to Virginia.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gail, John and friends visit St. Thomas Jan 2010

You never know what you are going to get when you spend time with people you do not know. Gail and John knew everyone who would come together on this weekend. They were the common denominators going into the week they visited George and I in St. Thomas. Gail and John arrived a couple of days before the others so the four of us were able to spend time together. We had not seen them since they introduced me to George in August. George and John have been friends for many years. Gail and I have been friends for many years. Gail had visited George in St. Thomas with John the last couple of years. I had only met John once so I only knew him through Gail. It was an exciting reunion.
After a few days, the others started arriving. I knew Donna through Gail and had only met Michael a couple of times. I knew none of the others. George did not know anyone else except for John's beautiful daughter. As the others arrived, I quickly surmized that this was going to be a good union of people.

The first night we were all together, we had dinner at Latitude 18, a very casual outdoor restaurant. It was the perfect setting for us all to come together for the first time. There was a live performer...

and an entertaining wait staff. We especially liked the tshirt worn by one of the waitresses.
The gang stayed at Cinnamon Bay a few days and George and I went over to visit during their stay. St. John is beautiful and the beaches are incredible.

Looking back, if felt to me that we had all been friends for a long time. This group was so compatable. What a wonderful gift to have all of this come into one's life.

Gail and John stayed a couple of days after everyone else left. We had lunch in French Town and dinner at Room With A View. We celebrated Gail's birthday. Her birthday also marks the time we met...I crashed her 40th birthday party. I learned to love her by the end of the evening and she became one of my best friends. And now she and John brought their friends to visit. They were the common denominator. They represeented the attribute common to the rest of the group. The attribute of friendship among people who truly like one another. Need proof? Look at my face.