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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another Best Day

Today was another perfect day.  Could the weather be any better?  Coffee outside in a cool morning air that whispered the suggestion of long sleeve t-shirts and flip flops. Birds singing. Squirrels teasing Dolly. Magnolia blooms perfuming the air. I wish these moments could last a bit longer. But another plan was developing.

The day was calling out for a Sunday drive that should start sooner rather than later.  The morning gave us the call, Cracker Barrel gave us the sustenance.  We did not have to drive far before we were pulling off the road to check out veggies and flowers for sale.  Someone was also setting up to cook lunch.

The next few hours went something like this....

The owner of the general store in Sugar Grove across the street from this church told us the green color on the outside of this church comes from ground green glass. Back in the day when it was first applied, it glowed like diamonds in the sun.  The placard on the front wall is dated June 21, 1929.

The store is quite something.  It has a little bit of everything, including the local post office in the back.

I have never seen a ceramic pie plate with a recipe on the plate. 

This is the handrail on the front of the church.

Home again. The magnificent Magnolia bud that MG had picked for me this morning bloomed in our absence and bled its heart onto the table.

The end of the day was spent in the same spot in the front yard as where the day began. A different light.  Beautiful.

I had a book, my camera and my dog.  I did not read much as I could not take my eyes off of my surroundings.  And Dolly.  I love her face.  I even love the back of her head. I could watch her for hours.

Life is good.