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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Shelia and I are letting go the magic as we head north and a little west of Austin.  Destination Fredericksburg and the Full Moon Inn.

We were in no hurry as we left Austin.  Happy to get out of the city and see some countryside, we enjoyed the change of scenery. We found a fun rock shop in the middle of nowhere where Shelia had a good browse and I had a good time with the owner.  They call her The Barefoot Contessa.  And she was in fact barefooted.  She moved from Colorado because she was tired of shoveling snow so much of the year.  She brought her business with her.  I like that kind of spunk.

After this fun stop, we visited a winery and purchased two bottles for later.  Shelia and I finally arrived at the Full Moon Inn at 5:00 PM and we were greeted by Newfo.  We met our host and hostess and quickly got checked in.

We got caught up with Newfo and then the three of us had a great dinner in town at Auselanders German Restaurant.  When we got back to the Inn, we pulled three chairs out into a dark field where we watched brightly lit night sky.  We saw three shooting stars!  Can't wait for tomorrow. Let go the magic.

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