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Saturday, June 23, 2018

ABBA - A Tribute To Their Music

We attended the performance of Abba Tribute on Wednesday at the Historic Masonic Theatre in Clifton Forge, VA. It was great hearing those songs performed live again. Remember Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Fernando, Take a Chance on Me... Some moments of our past SHOULD be relived.  Thanks for the music.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Visiting Alleghany County High School

Dolly needed some exercise. Our old high school, aka Alleghany County High School, has a nice football field that is not being used for anything at the moment. So after some discussion and noting that the field looks pretty good, Dolly decided to run.

I watched and reminisced about the wonderful years that ended when I graduated in 1969. Things have changed, but much is the same.  Memories brought things to life again.
I could hear the chant of some of those old cheers. The ten, the 20, the 30 yard line...

It was a time when we marched to the beat of a more youthful drum. I remember the beat.
(Mr. Boone here still has a pretty good drum.)

Those of you who attended school at ACHS will remember the Country Club and golf course next to the school.  The club house is now a private residence.  I do not know who owns the land the course was on, but it has been turned back to Mother Nature.

It sure makes for a nice walk.  And if you are up to it and your drum roll is still strong, you might even consider jogging.  Warning: the old cart path is tempting, but the ticks are terrible. Something else caught our eye.  There is a tree stump near the entrance to the school that has some great growth on it.

I enjoyed the opportunity to go back in time and to see how things have changed.  Then there is the now, which is nice, too.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Visiting Friends In The Mountains Of NC

Boone's friend Harvey organized a get together at his and Audrey's home in the mountains of North Carolina so the men could have a couple of golf outings. I was delighted to be invited.  Mostly we hang out on the glass enclosed porch where the view is wonderful and the feeders provide constant bird activity.

The men had two golf days and did other things that men do.

Like grilling...
Holding manly poses...
And making sure the ice in the cooler is just right...
It wears a man out...
I enjoyed the company of these ladies (all 3 of them).

I was so surprised when I walked into this antique shop to see this plate...just like the one I have that was given to my mother when she was first married.

One day all 7 of us piled into a vehicle for a day up in the Highlands and stopping off to explore interesting places along the way.  Virginia is not the only place that has had a lot of rain.

I hope this short video works for you....

Each evening, from that porch I told you about, we watched Nature.

Harvey has a deer feeder that shoots out corn for the deer according to the times he has set for the automatic spray. We were so excited one night to watch several deer playing in the field.  They did eat a little.  There is always the hope that when the deer hear the feeder spraying the corn in the evenings that they will come running. Kind of like these guys do...

We all thought it was hilarious as we watched each night just in case the deer would appear again.

My Birth Month 2018

May 26 - Art In The Park - Staunton VA.  Local music, art, food... This is actually a bucket list item for me.  2018 is the 52nd year this event has been held.  I have no idea why I have never made this event.  Even stranger given that I have owned 2 art galleries.

Boone bought me a giclée painting of downtown Staunton by local artist Mary Ann Vessey.

 May 20 - This is my birthday.  Boone made breakfast using fresh eggs given to us by one of our friends. Yum!

You know by now (if you have ever seen my blogs) what kind of road Boone and I like.  We found one right away.

This kind of road has all the things we enjoy.

And of course cows.

The Maury River flows through Goshen Pass.  The river was demonstrating its power after all the rainfall.

We spotted a couple of daring kayakers testing their skill on the raging river.

We stopped in Lexington for lunch at The Palms.

Great day for my 67th year.

May 11 - Dinner at Café Michel. Wonderful.

May 10 - time with Dolly.

And earlier in the day....this in my neighborhood.

May 4 in my front yard.

May 1 - I finally see the bird that woke me up last year every morning.  He is back!

April 27 - Boone surprised me with an early birth month dinner at an old favorite of mine in Harrisonburg. Wow.  What a wonderful birth month + I had.  Thanks Boone.