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Thursday, March 22, 2018


March 21, 2018 I awakened to a beautiful snowfall on a Spring morning.

Dolly was pretty sure she did not want to go out in this snow.

But Dolly also knew she had to pee.

After Dolly had her breakfast (we refer to all her meals as dinner so she does not get confused), she begged to out front.  She much prefers the front yard. There is more activity there and she likes to poop in the front yard.

This squirrel had to dig deep for the bird seed he likes to munch on. Can't believe he has not yet gone for the feeder in the tree above.

Dolly is on the trail of the scent of the squirrel.  She loves to tree them. That won't happen today.
This is the best seat in the house for watching all the activity in the front yard.

This quiet snowy Spring morning urges me to cook something.  I have not done much in the kitchen this winter, but I feel motivated today.  I have some brussels sprouts that I need to do something with so I will begin with that.

For me, picking the right music to cook by is as important as picking the right recipe.

I am excited to try my new Ninja on the Brussels Sprouts.

A good knife is most important.  These are two of my favorites.

Like I always say, it is all in the sauce.

I call it done.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

SO FAR IN 2018

Whew!  I have not done much this year, and yet I am exhausted from what I have done.  New Year's Eve plans in DC were canceled because of the weather. It snowed a little. Home suited me just fine. I stared at the soon-to-come-down Christmas tree a lot.  That activity is so relaxing.

 I recently put up a bird feeder, which added to the day's entertainment.


Eventually we had to get out for a while so we went for a drive.

January 2 we did more birding. That outdoor family is growing.

The 2nd night of the new-year-moon was beautiful.

January 6 we were on a mission for Boone's mother.  It is hard to find a shoe repair shop these days, but Google advised we would find one in Lexington, VA, which is half way between where I live in Staunton and where his mother lives near Covington.  We love a road trip...doesn't much matter what gets us out there.

January 25 Timmy and Sara stopped by.  Dolly does not cuddle and she rarely gets on the couch, but she sure snuggled up to Sara.

February 3 Boone and I attended the performance of the Buddy Holly Story in Roanoke.

February 4 was a great day.  It snowed all day.  Boone made breakfast and took Dolly for a walk. I watched it all.


 February 24 visiting Aunt Elsie

 I love this picture.  Notice the framed photo on the send table.  That is Elsie's wedding photo.
Elsie LOVED meeting Boone.
Back home the horses were taking advantage of basking in the sun. By March 12, it was snowing again!

Boone and I needed a lift so this weekend (March 16) we took the slow drive up to Woodstock, VA to spend the night in what has become our favorite B&B.  The Shenandoah Valley is packed full of Civil War sites.  We cannot pass up a roadside marker.




We finally arrived at Narrow Passage Inn where we had a very relaxing evening after dinner at a local restaurant. The host not only had a fire going for us, but he also left a nice dish of fruit and cookies.  I know, I know.  We ate the cookies before I took the photo.

Our host was most hospitable and is a walking encyclopedia of stories about the community and this historical site, which he gets to call home.

After breakfast we drove up to Strasburg to tour Belle Grove Plantation.


Can you believe it?  President James Madison stopped by for a chat while we were touring.  He was there to celebrate his birthday...DOB March 16, 1751. He spoke at length about his part in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He and Dolly honeymooned here in 1794.

Time to head back home.  We did not stop much because it was snowing and sleeting during much of the drive. 

 There is more winter in store for us.  I am so very ready for Spring.  I bought a pack of pansies.