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Monday, April 9, 2018


So, I wake up to this today.  Really?  And 2 hours later, it is still coming down. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018


 A week ago we were riding around in a county or two enjoying the promise of Spring.  We were not the only ones taking in the warmth of the sun.

This year we seem to have one or two days that feel like Spring followed by several days of winter.  And so it was again this weekend.  Saturday afternoon delivered a wintery mix as promised.  While I am getting tired of winter, I cannot resist the beauty of a snowfall.  This was a very light snow, all puffy like.  Watching the fall is so relaxing and the show outside the large picture window in my living room provides plenty of entertainment.  The result is a day at slow speed with permission to relax.  A day to do next to nothing. Watch nature. Watch Netflix. Watch more nature. And love on Dolly. 


 I am anxious for Spring to arrive.  But I would never complain about a day like today.  Right Miss Dolly?

Sunday, March 25, 2018


I begin the day with yesterday's list in my head.  I managed to get the laundry done.  After work, I got a second wind and cleaned the blinds and the inside of the windows in the bedroom, vacuumed and cleaned the master bath.  Not too bad.  This morning is cold, but promises to be sunny.  And it is. 

 Boone and I took Dolly for a walk then went out for breakfast.  Returning home, I was ready to roll...staring with the Red Wine Risotto with Beans recipe that I did not get to yesterday.
The Set Up...gathering ingredients and setting the mood.

Chop, dice and mince everything that needs chopped, diced and minced. Getting my Ninja on!
Between my fingers and a spatula, I could not seem to get all the chopped, diced and minced ingredients out of the Ninja bowl. Until I had the idea of using a pastry brush.  I can't believe it has taken me all these years to think of this.  It works beautifully.
Add rice and salami.
OH NO!  I need to put on another CD.  My CD tower is not working right now so I have to play one at a time.  I choose Adele's 21 CD. Now I'm cooking.  Now, add the wine and tomato paste. This is smelling so good.

Buying tubes of tomato paste is the only way to go.  I cannot believe how many cans of tomato paste, less 2 tablespoons, I have thrown away over the years.  Oh, that is not blood on the paper towel, it is spilled wine.

Some may think I put in the wrong CD for cooking. Oh no, it is exactly the right CD.  I am now dancing around the kitchen to the song RUMOR.  My friend Gail will completely relate.  Love those memories in her kitchen...right Gail?  I can't just listen to certain music.  I sing very loudly and off key.  And I dance. The dish requires a lot of attention now as I add cabbage, broth, beans, cheese.  It is difficult because now the song DON'T YOU REMEMBER IS PLAYING.  I sing emotionally as though it is I who is on stage.  Can you picture this, Gail?
The dish is done.  I am spent. 


Friday morning.  I have so much I want to accomplish before I begin my professional workday at 11:00 AM.  I start with filling the Brita and gathering laundry.
Dolly claims the bed as her own once I get up.  She responded obediently when I told her to get off so I could strip the bed as I gathered what will be washed today.  I pulled up the corners of the sheets and turned away for a few seconds to do...ok, I can't remember what.  Dolly seized those seconds to reclaim the bed. No, that is not a look of innocence on her face.  That is a face ignoring me and refusing to make eye contact.  My laughing does not help because she has learned when I make that sound she has won.
Sheets finally removed, the first load in and the second load in waiting. I check the skylight and see the sky is clear blue, but cold.  That is a patch of ice on the right, not a cloud. That's okay.  I kinda knew this and am not disheartened. I am still motivated to tackle the list of items rolling around in my head.

I have my healthy breakfast of oatmeal and set a mood in my favorite sitting spot.  The birds, Dolly and I will eat together.

 Dolly's morning routine wears her out.  Eating breakfast, taking me to her bowl to prove she has earned a treat, eating the treat, drinking water, pooping and checking things out in the is exhausting.  While she was busy with all these accomplishments, I reviewed the recipe I am going to make this morning.  How did I not see that salami is one of the ingredients.  Good grief.  I have to go to the store before I can make this dish. Gotta have the salami.  I decide to take a peak at my online work to see what is in store for me.  I begin work early.  Before I know it, it is 4:00 PM.   At least I got the laundry done and the sheets on the bed.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


March 21, 2018 I awakened to a beautiful snowfall on a Spring morning.

Dolly was pretty sure she did not want to go out in this snow.

But Dolly also knew she had to pee.

After Dolly had her breakfast (we refer to all her meals as dinner so she does not get confused), she begged to out front.  She much prefers the front yard. There is more activity there and she likes to poop in the front yard.

This squirrel had to dig deep for the bird seed he likes to munch on. Can't believe he has not yet gone for the feeder in the tree above.

Dolly is on the trail of the scent of the squirrel.  She loves to tree them. That won't happen today.
This is the best seat in the house for watching all the activity in the front yard.

This quiet snowy Spring morning urges me to cook something.  I have not done much in the kitchen this winter, but I feel motivated today.  I have some brussels sprouts that I need to do something with so I will begin with that.

For me, picking the right music to cook by is as important as picking the right recipe.

I am excited to try my new Ninja on the Brussels Sprouts.

A good knife is most important.  These are two of my favorites.

Like I always say, it is all in the sauce.

I call it done.