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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Okay, let me just say I LOVE LUCKENBACH.  I let go the magic there when Shelia, Newfo and I returned the next morning after another fabulous breakfast at the Full Moon Inn. Breakfast was prepared by one of the guest as a favor to the owners since they had to be at the hospital for ear surgery on their precious little boy. We said goodbye and packed up the car.

We wanted to drive back to Luckenbach so I could get some photos to remind me of our time last night.  I thought we would be there for 15 minutes and then be on our way to San Antonio...after a stop at Enchanted Rock.  Little did I know we would hang out in Luckenbach for about 2 hours listening to music.  Little did I know it would be the most memorable part of my trip.
Luckenbach is an unincorporated community 13 miles from Fredericksburg and 3 minutes from the Inn.  The oldest building is a combination general store and saloon, which opened either in 1849 or 1886...depending on what you believe. Luckenbach's population was once 492 (1904), but by the 60s it was a "ghost town". The town, population 3, was offered up for sale in 1970. Today the general store/saloon is still in operation along with the popular dance hall. Country greats such as Waylon Jennings Willie Nelson, Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett have played here.  People come to listen to area musicians and drink beer, which is what we did on this morning.

This is Jimmy Lee Jones and yes he is wearing a Willis Nelson Tshirt. It was great to hear him sing his own songs and some more familiar songs.  I bought his CD.
 Then there is Bo Porter.  Now that is a tall drink of water.  Shelia and I were quite taken with his voice and his songs.
Finally we had no choice but to get back on the road.  First, we had to get some pictures of Newfo (we can't believe he is still hanging with us) on the stage.  Newfo is quite a musician himself.  You can feel something musically magical when you are in Luckenbach so to be here and take your picture standing on the outdoor stage where music greats have stood...well, ya gotta do it. 

I am not ready to leave, but we must.  My heart belongs to Bo...and to Shelia.

We can't leave without a picture taken under the post office sign.  We also needed a picture of "we three" since Newfo would be leaving our company.  We sure have enjoyed having him along.
Thanks for making this part of our trip so special my friend.

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