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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leaving Virginia Part I

Sometimes you have to get up and go. I wasn’t dissatisfied with my life. Quite the contrary; I was settled. I was happy in my apartment and enjoyed life outside my kitchen window. I was content with the peace that, for me, comes with being alone. The Shenandoah Valley gave me constant beauty to feed my soul and gave me a playground for my photography. I did not have a dog to love, but there were plenty of dogs for me to care for while their owners were away. And I was the sister on the go, always looking for the next road trip or life event to write about. Life was good, very good. I worked hard to get to that point and was happy in the world I had created for myself. Then I met George in August, visited him in St. Thomas in October and moved to St. Thomas in November. .

Sister on the go got up and went south. First, I said goodbye to my little world at Manchester Townhouse Apartments. That was tough. That space was all me; it was small, but it was all I needed and gave me comfort. I had all the control there. But I packed up everything and put my belongings in storage.

Next, I said goodbye to my job and my fellow employees. They were my daytime family and I enjoyed their contribution to my daytime life five days a week.

There are some really great cooks among my coworkers. My leaving gave us another reason to bring in some great dishes.

Saying goodbye to my daytime family was the easy part. Next came the family.

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