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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting George

The evening of August 15, I left my family poolside and drove an hour and a half to Gail's house. I love this lady and had not seen her in a while. She and I had that evening and all the next day to catch up before John and George arrived a little after 8:00 PM. Gail was excited to show George her home. I was looking forward to getting to know John and to meeting George.

Gail's home is a wonderful place to hang out. That includes her yard.

Gail made a wonderful dinner the night John
and George arrived.
Earlier that day, we went in search of dill....

Later Gail set the mood for the evening.
I am nothing if not the ambience queen. She did it right.

The next morning we set out for a tour of Pendleton
and Pocahontas counties, including Snow Shoe.

I had such a great weekend. Did the thing with
the family. Loved that.
Got to spend time with three people who are very fond of one another.
Very cool.

Got to know John better. Happy about that.

Got to spend lots of time with Gail.
That always makes me happy.
And I met George. For that I am grateful. Life is good.

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