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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jake and Nina visit St Thomas January 2010

Jake and Nina have known George a very long time. I met them in January when they came to visit and felt like I had known them a long time by the end of their visit. They are wonderful people. My favorite day during their visit was the day that we joined them on St. John.

We went "beach hopping" so I got to see some incredible beaches. The water in the Caribbean is always good. While at Salt Pond Beach, we hiked over to Drunk Bay. What a hoot. This is not a swimming beach, but once there, you have a hard time leaving. The ruggedness is so beautiful and the "rock artwork" is hilariously fun. First, you have to hike down to Salt Pond.

We were entertained by Mother Nature on the hike down to the Hermit Crabs.

This is Salt Pond Beach where we started our hike out to Drunk Bay.
The hike to Drunk Bay is an easy hike past cacti and interesting foliage...and a salt pond.

We caught a beautiful sunset on the hike back to Salt Pond Beach. By the way, the body of water you see here is a salt pond. You can actually scoop up sea salt on the edge of the pond to take home for your kitchen.

While on St. John, we also went to Skinny Legs for a bite to eat. There is also a gift shop there. The bathroom has very clear instructions for flushing...#1, no flush, #2 flush. True to island life.

Recycling is good. For instance, use beer containers to hold condiments.

Always drink a Bush Wacker when you can.

And drink them with friends.

Especially friends who like each other.

I mentioned that we visited other beaches on this day. We also got up close and personal with some of the the donkeys that run wild on island. Don't get too close.

Back on St. Thomas, we went to see George's property on Magen's Bay. It was overcast and showers cooled us off. Still beautiful. This shot is standing on the property looking back toward the opposite hillside.

We also visited a few restaurants and bars with Nina and Jake.

We saw fabulous sunsets from the deck every night. Mother Nature was good to us. And we got to sample that good stuff with two very wonderful people. Good things come to you in life. I count Jake and Nina among some of the best of those good things.

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