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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paula and George on Vacation Part VII


We arrived in Santa Fe on the last day of the Indian Market. This annual event has been held for the last 64 years and draws abou 100,000 people. I have read about this market for some years and was excited to to attend. For me, there was too much jewelry and it all looked the same, except for a few crafters that really stood out. I could not get into the pottery or the artwork that I saw. I am certain there was some great artwork, but we did not make it to that section...or so I believe. Art is everywhere in Santa Fe. George and I did explore some galleries that gave us more satisfaction than what we were seeing on the street. A couple galleries always advertise in Southwest Art Magazine. I felt like I was on hallowed ground in those galleries while looking at original artwork I had read about. It gave me cold chills.

There were a couple of musicians that we enjoyed.

The Indian Market can be overwhelming due to the volume of art and craftwork. I would have left the streets long before we did, but I was drawn to other attractions.

The architecture fascinated me.
I am always drawn to dogs, and fell in love with this one.

In a crowd like this, people watching is so entertaining. I have never seen so many Indians and Hispanics. I could have kept the going all day, but I did not want to offend nor did I want to make George too uncomfortable. When a man carries your big black purse so you won't be budened by its weight, you do what you can to make him comfortable. I did manage some people photos. Here are some of my favorite.

And my absolute favorite...

The next day, before traveling to Taos, we went to the Georgia O'Keefe Musuem and saw the Miraculous Stairs. No pictures allowed at either.

Now we are off to Taos.

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