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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paula and George on Vacation Part V


I visited my aunt and uncle two years ago (see my blog on 11/02/08) and was thrilled to be able to see them again. My aunt prepared a wonderful dinner and invited my cousin and her family to join us.

The visit was short, but we made the best of it. The four of us went for a drive through the countryside. We stopped for lunch at Aunt Sue’s.. We also stopped by to see Maxie, The Bowl Digger, whom I met 2 years ago (see my blog on 11/08/10). She is in her mid 80s and still turning wooden bowls prolifically. She says her mind just keeps spinning with ideas…she cannot stop it. So she keeps making her bowls and sculpting. She is an amazing woman. This is a piece of wood she will be working on soon. A large mushroom was growing on the wood, which makes it an interesting piece and one that offers a challenge.
My aunt and uncle are just as busy as they were two years ago when I saw them. I think they look great. My uncle is still handsome and my aunt is still lovely.
George seemed to connect with my uncle, which made me happy.
My aunt is an artist. There is art everywhere in the house. My uncle designed and built the house himself, with a little help. He also builds airplanes, the kind you take out to a field to fly. Two of them were recently hung from the ceiling in the living room. The ceiling is sky blue with a few clouds. My aunt painted the four seasons around the entire room quite some time ago. All this makes the planes look really cool.. After years of joking about the art world, my uncle has joined the art world with his first stained glass piece. A lot of people are getting a kick out of this new found interest.
This visit was far too short. George and I had a hard time leaving. I wish we could have stayed longer as one night is not enough at a feel good place like this. But, New Mexico was calling.

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