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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paula and George on Vacation Part III

Monday, August 9, 2010. George wants to go back down memory lane today by visiting his farm again. The morning starts off slowly as Gail prepares to travel the 4 hours back to her West-By-God home. The sunlight is beautiful this morning so I cannot resist the temptation to get some shots in John's beautiful yard. The first thing I notice is that two of the lawn chairs are covered with butterflies. I don't know what would attract them to the chairs, but there they are in all their glory.
Later in the morning, George and I took off on our road trip. We stopped by Subway for a sandwhich and water to go. As we were leaving, an elderly lady was just arriving and announced to me that "there used to be no place to eat around here and now there are three places". She had never eaten at Subway before, but she watched a man order a sandwhich. She thought she might have the steak sandwhich. I assured her that she would be happy with the sandwhich because she would have plenty of options for adding whatever she wanted. She seemed happy about that. And George seemed happy to see his history again. We covered a lot more of the property on foot than we had a couple of days ago. I saw more beauty in this remote farm that I had before. George pointed out a beautiful spot where he once thought of building another house. It would have been lovely among all the old stands of maple and hickory trees. Lovely. But very remote.

There are a couple of acres that must be set aside for an old cemetery. We walked up to that knoll and then onto the road that leads up to it.

The road is perfect for a mountain bike. George's property lies on both sides of the road, which allowed me to see what is probably some of my favorite parts of the farm.
This road comes out to the gravel road we travel to get to the farm. We took this road for the walk back to the car.

George and I took our sweet time exploring the county.We came upon Upper Mud Lake, which is quite beautifully maintained.

There are lots of places to picnic, or you can take your boat out here, or you can swim, or
you can go fishing.
We got home just in time to quickly shower and walk up to Linda's house for dinner. Her house is fabulous. Her daughter's family lives close by so we were lucky enough to get a tour of that house as well. Amazing what you can do if you want to. We walked home by flashlight so we could rest up for tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful trip you are on! Thanks for sharing! I like your new hair!