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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paula and George on Vacation Part II

John's birthday was last week, but we are celebrating tonight (Saturday) by having some friends over. John did a lot of the prep work, George helped, and Gail and I worked as a team doing our thing. The grills were set up, the smoker prepped, tables wipped off and the plastic tablecloths put on the tables in the garage where people will set out their food offerings and drinks. Coolers were readied. Decks cleaned off. All those sittin' places cleaned off. A tent is set up for anyone who might not want to drive home. The weather is picture perfect.

Before you know it, people start arriving. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening/night. We met some wonderful people.
You can be assured in a community like this that you will find some musicians. We were lucky to have these two show up and fill the night with their sound.

Every birthday celebration should end with a little bang.

I believe it was close to 2 AM when the last of us went to bed. The next morning (Sunday) Gail and I started the day by the pond. Our host made sausage gravy and biscuits from scratch. Several neighbors who were here the night before came back to share breakfast with us. I love that.
After breakfast, George and I visited a neighbor. Later, Gail, John, George and I drove to Charleston's Civic Center to see the last performance of Hair. When we got back home, it was sittin' time again.

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