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Saturday, March 5, 2016


The locals here in Covington, VA are proud to claim the only remaining humpback bridge in the United States. It was constructed in 1857.  The reason for the humped design was to increase its life expectancy and to keep the midpoint above flood waters. The bridge was built with a broad axe and assembled with hand hewed locust pins.  Back in the day (until 1929), you could drive across it. It was restored in 1953 and has since been the place of picnics and swimming. Many tourists stop by just to photograph the bridge. My family had our share of picnics here. I also attended some very early morning Easter Sunday services here. As a child, I was certain I was going to fall through the cracks that are formed between the wooden boards that make up the floor. "Don't look down!"  But I couldn't help it.  Today you can see the old road that crossed the bridge, the newer state highway bridge on Route 60, also known as Midland Trail, and the CSX railroad bridge.
The bridge is often photographed from these angles.

I thought it would be interesting to see the bridge from the road. The train was actually coming through when I was there.

A very relaxing place it is.

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