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Sunday, May 15, 2016


From the back seat I could hear the conversation...something about Eagle Rock. I am sure that must be where we are headed. Does that mean I can get out of the car?  Am I going for a walk...a run...???  I will try to remain calm. Sit. Lay down. Look pretty until the car stops.  She likes it when I do that and I honestly believe it softens her heart toward me, which betters my chances of doing something really cool.  Am I rambling?

Yep. There's the sign. We have arrived.  I have my eye on her for any sign the car will stop and we will get out. Arrrgh! I should have known she would have to drive around checking out the all the side streets. Honey turn the car around!

My reading skills are not great, but I am pretty sure that plaque says how old the church is. There she goes; I knew she would read it out loud.

Does she know we are headed out of town?  Sorry. My mistake. She is doing some kind of loop.  This is real pretty. And I am hanging out of the window, so take your time.

Whew! 30 minutes of driving around.  I knew she would eventually get back to what brought her to Eagle Rock.  Tommy Snyder had posted some photos on Face Book of the chimneys and she has been promising every since to make this a destination. Thanks Tommy! 

I am beginning to understand what she said about this being a historic place where limestone was brought in by trains, loaded into the top of the kiln and fired to reduce the limestone to powdered lime. 

My imagination is going wild.  I can almost see the limestone being brought in on the cables and rails.

Cool.  Look at all this old stuff.  This place has quite a history and some of the evidence is laying around just waiting for someone to imagine what it all means. Normally I like to mark things as I go, but not today!

And speaking of old.  If I look way up, I can see vegetation growing out of the old chimneys.

This tree stump is HUGE.  The bark looks like the scales on an alligator.  I know stuff from watching Animal Kingdom. Man, that tree must have been older than God!

Oh look at that old bridge. That must be the one that was built in 1880 and replaced the cable system for transporting the limestone.  It reminds me of the one she takes me to down by the trail close to the house.  I wonder if I get to explore that.  Hmmm. I can get there from here, but I don't think she can.

What? In the car?  I know what to do when she says that.  I am a little tired.
She likes to try out places to eat.  Diners. Nothing that rings of a chain.  Did I say that?  No pun intended.  She saw this on the way into town and commented she had spotted where she wants to eat lunch.  Wait till she finds out it is the only place to eat in town.  Bless her heart.

That's ok.  I am tired and need to rest. I sure hope she got some good pictures today and that I have given her something to write about..  I wonder what Tommy will come up with next. 

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