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Sunday, February 20, 2011

St. Thomas - Coming Home after Vacation

A hurrricane was brewing when we returned to St. Thomas as our August vacation was coming to an end. We went by the house to check on things. The neighbor dog was there to greet us, still walking on three legs.

The plants looked good so we knew Peter made sure things were okay while we were gone.

We opened the hurricane shutters just enough to check out the house. We could not stay long as a hurricane was on the way so we would be sleeping on the floor at the restaurant.

Knowing the birds we feed so faithfully had missed the sugar water for a month, we dutifully filled the feeder to let them know we were back.
The storm arrived as promised. W slept on the floor for two nights at the restaurant. I had never been through a hurricane so it was part exciting, part frightening. The wind pounded away for a couple of days and nights. George and I made preparations to reopen the day later than planned. The first thing on the list was to try to capture all the baby Iguanas. George says every year he has baby Iguanas in the restaurant when he returns from vacation. There must have been 20 of them. The wait staff was still trying to help us capture them right before we opened the doors to our customers. They are kind of cute at this stage and the brightest green.
George's restaurant, Room With A View, is located at Blue Beard's Castle. Once the storm subsided enough to make it safe to walk around outside, I took photos of some of the damage at the hotel. Here is what I found.

George and I went home a couple of days later. The house was fine. The wind had stripped every leaf off of some of the trees next to the house and had ripped large portions of trees away from the main trunk. Realizing we were home, the birds came around for the sugar water. Their normal cover is gone.

It was strange seeing the trees without a leaf. I think the birds were wondering what to do about the lack of cover where they feed everyday.

Some of the birds seemed to be waiting for me to give them guidance.

George and I worked to put the house back in order. We brought the outside things back from the inside.
Time was moving to my favorite part of the day--sunset. Our view looking to Charlotte Amalie was beautiful. You can't help but slow down and breathe.
So George made the world slow down.
And we watched the world go from light to dark. Beautifully.
Thank you George. The vacation was wonderful, but so was coming home.


  1. Beautiful imagery, Paula - and a wonderful read. I've not been through a hurricane, but boy, we had some wind the past few days... Miss you, woman! I have a solo exhibit of my work at OASIS in Harrisonburg beginning 3/1 and running through the end of April. See what you helped foster??

  2. Good to hear from you again, Paula. What excitement going through the hurricane, but I know it was a lot of work recuperating. We're still dancing at Fairfax Hall, though not necessarily every Thursday. We've started taking some Hustle lessons in Staunton with Urbie and Marilyn and our new friend, Julie. I'm glad George and life are treating you well. We miss your smiling face!

  3. Thanks so much for this update! Glad you came through the hurricane safely. The photos are beautiful... loved your view and the iguanas! It was good to see you both in Taos this past summer. I moved south to Truth or Consequences for the winter and may settle there - love the hot springs and milder winters.... have been working part time at one of them. Heading to Florida for March to visit relatives.