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Saturday, March 26, 2016


The morning I heard of the bombing in Brussels was accompanied by a heavy weight of sadness.  I listened to the news coverage as long as I could. My office provides a great diversion.  The space holds things that give me comfort: work that I can do with my eyes closed, cookbooks, photographs, art stuff and lots of music.  Intending to start a new blog, I first took a peak at what work waited for me.  The first thing I saw was a new claim involving a death.  Some poor soul was  waiting for its body to be removed from under a large commercial mower that had turned over and landed on top of this a creek. Fleeing this safe place, I looked outside to see what the spring morning might offer.  It offered this touch of happy....

Mother Nature was watching to see if I was watching.

Just when she was certain I was watching, she gave me the big happy.  The day seemed better already.  Back to the office!

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