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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The weather forecast was calling for heavy rain in the afternoon. I left work at 4:00 PM and headed out with my grocery list.  The rain had started by the time I was done.  Some would say it was very dark and dreary, but I found something quite beautiful.  Honey turn the car around.  I was my own "honey" and dutifully turned the car around and headed back to the swinging bridge. The rain sounded like a thousand pins dropping at once. It took my breath away.

I used to be scared to death to walk this bridge.  Now I have to walk it because there is always something it offers.

I took quite a few pictures with my cell phone (cannot believe I left home without my camera).  My phone was getting wet and I was getting wetter so I headed for home.  Wait! let's check out the boat ramp in Indian Draft.  The river was rising and the water was churning. 

I am wetter and getting a chill so I headed for home.  Wait!  Wonder what it looks like down by the Old Smith Bridge.

I was spellbound and so excited that I have the good sense to turn the car around (honey) and to keep pulling off the road to see what I can see.  My hair and my clothes were soaked by the time I finally headed home...I forgot I had groceries in the car.  What a great trip from the store.  A hot shower, drying my hair and a glass of red wine should fix me right up.  Get those jammies on girl!

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