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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting to Portland

Funny how many people ask me "Why Portland?"  I tell them "Mom wants me to go." Then I have explain how that is when she died 17 months ago. Last August I decided I would use my portion of the money from Mom's estate to do some traveling. Mom always called me her wanderer. I have not been  anywhere for some time and decided Mom would want me to use some of her money this way. As I started researching Thailand and Viet Nam, ads for Portland OR would pop up. Every time I picked up a magazine it would open to an ad for Portland. Suddenly, every stranger I dealt with through my job had stories about Portland. During my visit to Richmond to visit my relatives I learned more about Portland during lunch when my Aunt  said "You know your Uncle Bill and I lived in Portland for 3 months. No, I had not been aware of that. Finally in March, I started reading a book my sister gave me for Christmas.  The first 4 words in the book: "Winters in Portland, Oregon..."  I threw the book onto my bed. "OK, Mom, I get it.  You want me to go to Portland!"  That   weekend, I booked the trip. I invited my friend, Tammy, to go with me.  Mom would want to gift this trip to her and I can't think of anyone better to have along.

I got up early Friday morning to get to my office to check in online for my flight to Indiana. At 6:00 AM, I backed out of my garage and hit a friend's car, knocking off the side view mirror.

Today at 6:00 AM I was going through security when my new hip set off alarms.  I was asked to have  a seat while they checked in everyone else. I had my first pat down.

Tammy picked me up at the Indianapolis Airport. We have already had so much fun beginningwith lunch at Cheddar's.

Up at the crack of dawn today gave us time to ease into our morning and trip to the airport.
This is our first posting.  Please join us daily to see what we are seeing. 

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