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Sunday, September 8, 2013

From Oregon To Indiana

Tammy and I were in no way ready to leave Oregon, but we had a plane to catch. Our last meal was at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Portland.  Again we lucked into a great eating experience. The last day was overcast as we waited for the predicted downpour. Time was running out so we did not have much time to explore the city.  We were also in need of a day of rest. And home was calling. We made a mental list of all the things we would do if we come back as we got ready for the trip back, which started early the next morning. From the plane the next day, we watched as the terrain went from the mountains to the desert and eventually to the city of Indianapolis where we landed.  Jim, and Shelly chauffeured us home as we enjoyed wine coolers, packed in ice, and nuts.  Thanks guys for such a great homecoming.  You're the best.  Tammy and I landed in our beds at her house after midnight.

I will miss Tammy greeting me each morning serving me coffee in bed.  Tammy is a little younger than I, but she has been the best friend for 30+ years and still mothers me.  I make no apologies for that. We eased into the morning before heading out for the farmer's market to see what we could find as Tammy has invited her family for dinner.
Downtown does not look like much on the approach, but

 I found much delight when I explored its fabric.

The farmer's market showed off all the local garden wonders that you hope to find this time of year.  And, oh, the photo ops.

 Tammy bought some wonderful tomatoes and this beautiful basil.  I sliced up the tomatoes and covered each slice with mozzarella, topped off with this basil and sprinkled olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the colorful dish.  This is my favorite thing to eat this time of year.

Tammy bought two of these loaves.  She sliced each loaf open lengthwise and buttered them.  I added a little onion powder and shredded cheddar cheese then popped them under the broiler.  There was barely a crumb left.

Tammy bought a couple of these interesting peppers and 3 fresh ears of corn.  I roasted the corn and one of the peppers in her stove top grille. I cut the corn off the cob, diced the roasted and unroasted peppers and added black beans.  I tossed the mixture with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and we let that marinate till dinner.  We served it over a mixture of lettuce as a salad.  Yum.

In need for something to eat, we chose a local restaurant located in a building that still shows off its history. 

 As Tammy and I were driving out of town, this sweet elderly man took a tumble into a rather deep ditch.  Tammy pulled off the road and we ran over to help him.  Bless his heart, he was embarrassed as he struggled to find the eyeglasses that fell onto the ground and to upright his bike and reattach the basket. He explained that his car was taken away from him during his last hospital stay and now his bike is his only mode of transportation.  By then, traffic was backed up both ways as everyone waited patiently to make sure this man was ok.  He was. Not a scratch. Just embarrassed.  He left a notch on our hearts.
Tammy and I made our way home to prepare dinner for her family.  She let me rearrange her porch...she is such a good sport.

 Table set...
 Tammy made a great appetizer by stuffing these mini bell peppers she got at the farmer's market with cream cheese.

Sunday morning.  I travel home tonight.  Tammy starts my day with last night's leftovers and scrambled eggs.
 I do not want this trip to end, but gotta catch my next flight.  I can't wait to see my Dolly girl tomorrow.  Life is very good. Keep me in your rearview, T.

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