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Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 4 Oregon Meandering Trip

Tammy and I stopped for the night in Mt. Hood where we had the best meal of the trip at 3 Rivers Grille.  OMG!!!!  Check out their blog for pictures

Today was a great day.

This morning we headed east through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge - AW-SOME. We also got to see some desert today. We drove the Mt. Hood Scenic Loop, which enabled us to take a detour to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort and Timberline Lodge. AAAWSOMMME.

Dalles - named for the section of the Columbia River that narrows to 175 feet, this townis the true end of the OregonTrail. The wagons stopped at the roaring rapids that churned here before the nearby dam was built Once the only established military camp between Wyoming and the coast, this city is nown known for lumber and aluminum production as well as agriculture.  Ghosts of the famoous pioneer path remain.  Where the trail is untouched by development, you can still see the wagon wheel ruts carved into the earth. Nothing much to see here, but had we not stopped at the Discovery Center we would not have known to take 197 just ahead into Washington State where we will take 14 East for a scenic drive to Maryhill Museum where we got our artistic groove on. 

We later had a wonderful lunch at Baldwin's Saloon and then travelled 35 to 26 on our way back to Portland.  Here are photos from today's travels.

 We lucked into a place selling gas @ $3.35!

Behind Maryhill Museum. The windmills are everywhere in the desert.

Maryhill Museum

Grounds of the museum are an oasis at the edge of the desert.

 Lunch at Baldwin's Saloon circa 1876 where they make everything themselves. . Check out their history

 Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

 Back in Portland at our hotel.

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