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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Give Me Your Halibut

Cynthia had some Halibut in her freezer last weekend and I felt like cooking. So, I made her a deal: Give me your Halibut and I will give you dinner.  I was inspired. Fresh mango, banana, add a secret ingredient...fresh asparagas and tomatoes with mozarella cheese and basil from my herb garden.  Top that off with wonderful fresh bread from the bakery.  Not too bad.

Earlier that day I filled up the bird feeders, something I have been neglectful of the past few weeks.  I am tired of feeding Grackles. You know, those big black birds that are the size of a small pony.  I have fed birds for years, but do not have much luck in this neighborhood.  Mostly I get those sweet love birds, red finches and I have spotted a few hummingbirds recently. 

I don't like the Grackles, but I like the other birds that show up so I will keep feeding.  And I will keep feeding my sister anytime she wants to entice me with something like Halibut.

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