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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ellen's July Visit

Ellen returned for a visit July 9. We talk on the phone often, but you have more to say when it is face to face. It changes the nature of conversation. On Saturday, I joined Ellen at her sister's weekend place in Deerfield....where I had Thanksgiving dinner. Later, we three were left to enjoy the rest of the weekend together. Ellen and her sister are very different and I enjoy them both. It is like having 2 entrees at once and when you are done you feel as though you have already had dessert. This was my first trip to the farm in the entirely different experience from my winter visit.

The Deerfield garden offers up all kinds of vegetables and sunflowers...all protected by a scare crow.

A new herd of cows was grazing in the field.

And there are chickens now.

And flowers in bloom.

Once the three of us were left to ourselves, we decided to take a bike ride to the little store down the road. We were in search of cigars. Well, I was. I forgot to take money, so my name was entered in a spiral notebook along with the amount owed for the nasty Swisher Sweets while I promised to pay the next day before I left. I had forgotten how nasty Swisher Sweets are, but two puffs was all it took to convince me the debt I had just incurred was a foolish one. I didn't care because the notion gave us a destination and we had a great time.

When we got back from our ride, we watched the chickens figure out who sleeps where on the perch. I had never watched this before and was fascinated at what they go through.

Then in the morning those little guys announce the new day and make their way outside while we made a slow rise.

Clearly it was going to be a hot day so we took an early morning bike ride up the mountain. We quenched our thirst with the cold water from a mountain stream. The down ride was exhilirating and left us hungry for breakfast.

After breakfast, I packed up my things, took a few last minute photos and headed home. I can't remember what music I listened to, but the drive was wonderful.

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  1. Paula, Finally had the time to catch up on your adventures (blog style)- you awaken the gypsy in me! You have a wonderful gift - your photography & your ability to tell a story! Thoroughly enjoy all of 2009! I do hope you & Ellen make it back to Dahlonega - perhaps we can do a wine tour together sometime? You are both always welcome to visit with me. Even though I am working 4 days a week, it is set up to have about 4-5 days in-between for adventures (of which I have been lacking). The number is 706-867-9767 so let your fingers do the walking! Kara Martina from Dahlonega, High Cotton!