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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Savannah! Bucket List

It would be a few hours before our room would be ready at the East Bay Inn.  Julie, the front desk clerk, was a wealth of information. She told us where to go to catch the Historic Savannah Tour by trolley and convinced us to consider another restaurant for dinner.  Julie suggested we have lunch at Tubby’s overlooking the water.  Great choice. The food was good and we enjoyed watching container ships hauling all kinds of things up the river.

From there we walked to the meeting point to pick up the trolley tour that gave us a great overview of the city and a little entertainment.

Our room was ready by the end of the tour so we walked back to the Inn. The building was constructed in 1852. Not only are we in a great location, but our room is fabulous.  Nap time. 

Earlier in the day we went by The Olde Pink House to inquire about reservations for dinner. I had checked out this restaurant online, but could not get a reservation before 9 PM…now the earliest is 10 PM. This Georgian Mansion was built in 1771. The name was borne when the native brick began to bleed through the plastered walls turning the walls the pink color you see.  When doing my pre-trip research, I had read about the Tavern in the basement and was really more interested in that than the restaurant itself. The Tavern is first come, first serve and they offer the same menu as in the restaurant.  OMG! Good pick. The food was very good. The atmosphere, for me, was awesome…once my eyes adjusted. It is very dark. I know, you can't tell that from my photos. Most of the lighting is by candlelight. You hardly notice the few dimly lit electrical light fixtures. We had a great conversation with another couple we met at the bar.  You wouldn't believe how many people at the bar were from Florida, including this couple.  The world is full of serendipity, so perhaps we will see them again some day.  We hope so.  The dining rooms offer a great dining experience, but the Tavern is  so different.  I choose different.

Tired, but happy, we returned to our room for the night. Lights on, drapes pulled, bedding turned down, and a chocolate treat by the pillow.  Grateful for all.

We got an early start the next day because we wanted to explore the city and catch a ghost tour.  The ghost tour did not happen...I won't bore you with the story. We walked all day seeing all we could see.  The whole day was eye candy:  architecture, historical buildings, parks, and fountains; the street art festival; dog watching, and the scenes created by those beautiful Live Oak Trees.

Davenport House, completed in 1820 - Georgian architecture.  Designed and built by owner, Isaiah Davenport, one of Savannah's outstanding builder-architects. 

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Original construction 1799.
Gothic Towers; gold leaf; Italian marble, stained glass.

What a perfect day.  After dinner, we hung out by the river for some great people watching and enjoying the setting sun.

Savannah has been on my bucket list for years.  Thank you, MG, for making this trip possible. I am so grateful and happy. 

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