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Monday, May 2, 2016


I now realize why my mother could not watch the evening news anymore...or the morning news.  What she saw troubled her. It shook her. She couldn't watch it anymore.  I often feel that way.  That is why owning a car is important.  You need to be able to drive to something that feels good.  My mom never owned a car.  The only driving she did was a few times in that big old station wagon when Daddy would let her practice in the huge field down  at the river bottom (many of you reading this will know what I am talking about).  I was a small child and years away from driving, but it was clear from the backseat that my Mom would never get the hang of driving  It troubled her just as the news would years later.  Luckily I did learn to drive and I do own a car. When the news troubles me, I can drive to  and through something that feels good like our back roads.

What Color Is Spring featured landscapes while this blog features other things I saw during my Spring back roads drives.  These drives ease my troubled mind. Hop in. Take a drive with me.  I hope this blog makes you feel good.

I always enjoy seeing barn quilts.  That reminds me, I need to take a drive up to Highland County. A barn quilting tour would be fun.  Gail?  Donna?

Honey, turn the car around....

Some houses really peak my curiosity because you can't tell if anyone lives there or not. This house looked uninhabited while passing by, but when I download the picture I noticed a curtained window. Now I don't know what to think.

A foundation is really important and should stand the test of time.

You can't beat a country church.

Some things are reminders that life happens.  I always feel a pang of concern that for the people involved.

I was grateful and comforted by the next thing I saw.  This calms me.

You are likely to see a lot of yard art out in the country made from things once useful. Close your eyes. You might feel a hot summer breeze on your face, the sun on your back and the rocking motion of riding this old equipment.

Some things have to age before they become art.  Some still useful, some waiting to be made useful again. They all have a history and stories to tell. 

There are no leash laws in the country so it makes sense to me that you might need signs like this to post at the edge of your property.  It made my car slow down! I could not help but imagine all the old dogs no longer among us gathering at the edge of this yard. Like Sam, a wonderful Golden that I used to dog sit with in her home. I loved her. She always made me feel good.

There are so many unexpected things to see on country roads, but nothing beats Mother Nature...

The next time you find yourself on a country road, slow down and look around.  Don't hesitate to turn the car around for a second look. You might see something that will make you smile. 

And take your camera.

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