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Sunday, May 8, 2016


Today is Mother's Day. My mother is no longer with us so I felt a little melancholy this morning. We have had a lot of rain lately, but there is the promise of sunshine today.  I was thinking about how beautiful the low lying fog in the mountains has been and remembered I had not downloaded a few pictures I took last week.  The irises have faded quickly, but they were so pretty.

A smile crept across my face when I saw the photos of the fog.  And that awesome tree.

I had a wonderful breakfast and enjoyed CBS Sunday Morning. The day was still quite young so I looked for a feel good thing to do. Something that would keep me in a happy place.  Some weeks ago I purchased a couple of adult coloring books.  I looked at the two coloring projects I had tried (the paper is white; don't know why it looks blue in these photos).

Still smiling, I chose my project for the day. The sky had cleared, the temperature was perfect and a soft breeze was all I needed to decide to take my project outside. 

The Good Kitty decided to lay down on my project, but soon joined Bad Kitty in the chair they have adopted on the porch.  With them settled, I quickly became engrossed in coloring with colored pencils.

The kitties belong to the people next door, but seem to spend most of their time on our porch. I am a dog lover and tolerate cats, but they do make me smile. I mean, seriously, look at that this kitty. They are constant reminders of how wonderful it is to be relaxed, so stress free.

I feed the birds.  They make me smile. But the kitties have killed 4 birds lately. I use the plural because I don't know if Good Kitty or Bad Kitty is responsible. Lost in my project, I did look around occasionally to make sure the kitties remained in their slumber-state-of-mind. I knew some of the regulars were visiting the feeders. I relaxed and smiled at their beautiful and serene familiarity.

I have been putting out thistle for weeks in hopes of attracting yellow finches. Today they came! Happy, happy day.

I am always making sure Dolly is within site. Hounds like to roam and sometimes she gets loose from her 75 foot tether. Tracing that long tether, I found her against the wall of the front porch lying in the bed I weeded yesterday.  She loves the mulch. Her happiness and calmness makes me feel content.

After a few hours, my project was finished. Melancholy stayed away and was completely replaced with contentment and serenity. I could not have asked for a better day.  I even saw a butterfly today that seemed to be checking me out several times. Is that you, Mom?  Happy Mother's Day.

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