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Sunday, February 21, 2016


The only thing better than sitting by the fireside outside is when you are by the river.  In this case, the Jackson River in the Falling Springs, VA area.  You should get there before dark.

You watch the sunset.

You watch the light change as it reflects off the water.

You get the fire started.

You stare at it as darkness moves in.

While you check the fire, you also check the sky again.  You comment how beautiful it is.  For me, I take note that it is a crescent moon, soon to be a half moon.

Eyes back to the fire.

You watch the keeper of the fire.  You are so relaxed.  If something happened to the keeper of the fire, you would probably just watch for a while before you could spring into action. 

By now all you know is the sound of the river, the night noises, the crackling of the fire and moon overhead.

At some point, you realize the fire has gone down.  It is late.  You go home, hoping to do this again.

Yes, this is a do over.

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