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Sunday, February 7, 2016


(I am posting this on February 7, 2016 as I just realize the draft I did way back then never got posted.  Where was my head?)

The family decided in January 2014 to have the next family Christmas get together at the Homestead.  We booked our rooms, the months flew by and BAM we were checking in at the front desk.  We ate well  and no one had to cook.  Some enjoyed a carriage ride and a hay ride.  I enjoyed sitting on the front porch.

The whole family attended the Hot Springs Parade.

Sweet Landree was bundled up and rested during the parade.

The shops at The Homestead are always worth a browse, especially at Christmas


The view from my room looked out onto the front lawn.

There are several fireplaces from which to choose if you want to sit and relax by a crackling fire.

There are lots of places to relax. The Grand Lobby is so beautiful and offers plenty of sitting time with two large fireplaces. 

Growing up close to The Homestead, my family has made it a part of many Christmases, but this was the first time we all stayed there. The family made a very good decision in January 2014 to end the year together at such a special place.

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