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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The weekend following the Crabtree Falls hike, I felt like hanging out at home. I needed the comfort of home. I felt like cooking. I don't like cooking for just myself, so I called on some of my people. I invited my sister, Cynthia, with the requirement of bringing Sammie, and my neighbor, Shawn, for dinner on Saturday. Harold, whom I had not seen in many months, called Saturday evening, so he was my guest for Sunday evening. I went to my favorite grocery store, Martin's, Saturday morning to get things I needed/wanted. Like the stuff above, which I put in my wonderful dough bowl made by the Bowl Digger in NC. It made me feel good everytime I looked at it and made me hesitate, only a little, about taking anything from the bowl to the cutting board.
Sammie arrived with Cyn. We sat outside enjoying the flowers in my pots. The weather was perfect. We both felt like we were on holiday.

Shawn checks out some photographs while dinner is nearing the table.

I served Sockeye Salmon, Scallops, baked sweet potato, steamed asparagus, salad and bread. The herbs were cut fresh from my herb pot. Not too bad.

Always the ambience queen...

Cyn liked the dinner and my friend, Shawn.

Cynthia, Sammie and I watched a movie later that night. The next morning I made French Toast from the leftover bread. Yummy. Right, Cyn? Then we watched another movie!
After she and Sammie left, I headed back to the kitchen for the next meal preparation.

Going back to the dough bowl, I considered my options. It is always good to start with sauteeing something, so I picked from the bowl yellow, red and orange peppers and a Vadallia onion. Not only are they delicious, but they look so pretty in the pan.

Add some smoked Italian sausage, and later some of the barbecued pork loin that I baked yesterday. Now we're cookin'.

While all that simmered, I decided to experiment with some fennel and red potatoes.

The bowl seemed to be challenging me, so I tried another dish with apples and mango.

For ambience, candles inside and out.

Then, of course, there is the dinner guest.

Hey, Harold, remember a couple of years ago you met me and some of my friends for dinner at the Blue Stone? Now do you remember..?

I don't have any pictures to prove it, but Harold and I kicked back the rug in the living room and danced for 2 hours after dinner. Man that felt good. And then the night was done.

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