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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can You Blame Me?

My tax filing could not be easier. My mother’s filing seems like it should be fairly easy, especially when I look at the accountant’s 2007 filing. I decided I would get those taxes done this weekend. If you have read my blogs, then you know I am addicted to the Hallmark world. That was my downfall yesterday. I wasted the day away watching hours of movies on the Hallmark channel. To make myself feel better about that, and to justify not working on taxes, I did a little laundry, and I do mean a little. Cooked a pork tenderloin and baked some sweet potatoes. Fed the birds. What else? Okay, nothing. But today I was determined to work on those taxes. I got up early, but researched cell phone companies and what they offer for about an hour. My contract ends in July, so I need to get a jump on that. I made breakfast and sat at my kitchen table enjoying Sunday morning in my private Hallmark world. I was ready to go work on those taxes. But first, I called my sister and then a friend and then another friend. Now I will work on those taxes! I decided I needed to cook the chicken and pinto beans I bought yesterday so I can stock-pile my freezer. A girl’s gotta have options after a hard day’s work and she doesn’t feel like cooking from scratch in the evening. I realized I had not folded the clothes I washed yesterday, so I did that. Put them away, too! I made my 20th trip to the window to see if it is snowing again. I should clean the snow off the car, but I need to work on the taxes. I can clean off the car in the morning. Besides, I am hoping it will snow some more. I cannot put this off another minute. I am now ready to sit down and work on those taxes. Oh! I haven’t updated my blog. Let me do that.

Check out the picture of that bread! My friend, Kevin, made that. From scratch. With Rosemary and Garlic from his own garden. The boy can cook.

I had not seen my friend for a couple of months. He sent me an email asking if he could bring over the garlic and rosemaryartisan bread he just made, some cheese, some wine and a steak. The bread was truly a work of art. Can you blame me for saying yes to that? I had a very rough week and needed a friend so his timing was perfect. The dinner was wonderful and he did not mind that I greeted him in the pajamas my sister gave me for Christmas. I live in my pajamas at home. These happen to be the softest pajamas you ever felt in your life. I didn’t look so good, but I felt very comfortable. Kevin didn’t seem to mind. At least he was very polite about it and let me relax while he prepared dinner. Who would turn down such pampering? Not me.

My last blog mentioned that my mom was released from the hospital. Turns out they released her too soon and she went back to the hospital during her second night at home. She is again home, doing better, and still recuperating. My brother, Timmy, and his wife, Sara, drove over from Clifton Forge last Saturday to see mom while she was still in the hospital. Timmy and I are pre-diabetic so they came over with all kinds of stuff for me. The best part...they wanted to make dinner for me. Another dinner invitation! In my kitchen! I love it.

Timmy and Sara got busy on dinner right away. Timmy had the good sense to take care of his wife and sister before too long by pouring them a glass of wine. Ya gotta take careof the women.

This meal not only met all their new eating requirements, but one of the best meals I have had in a while.

Things taste so good when someone else does the cooking in your kitchen. They even brought with them our mother's old cast iron skillet. It somehow made the sauce taste better and added another level of comfort as we laughed and talked.

Things tastes even better when you enjoy the company as much as I enjoy them.

The next morning, I got a few bird photos. Unfortunately, the feeder you see hanging from the tree only lasted a few weeks. When I came home from work Thursday, I saw it on the ground all tattered from the squirrels’ effort to get to the birdseed.

Now I am caught up on my blog and the laundry. The pinto beans are nearly ready. It is snowing again. I should work on those taxes now, but I need to shave my legs. Can you blame me?

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  1. Your pictures get better and better with each posting. As I've said many, many times, Timmy and Sara and welcome anytime they want to use our kitchen!
    Your food pictures are very nice. Appetite enducing, even.
    Sara and Timmy, you guys seem to be getting younger instead of older. You all look great!