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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year 2012

New Year's Eve this year is the best for me in a long time. Twelve good friends got together at the invitation of Mss Gail and Mr. John. I always love being in the land of milk and honey so where but here would I want to spend New Year's Eve? We all shared in the cooking, some of it at the direction of Miss Gail.

Of course, the Master Gravy

Maker needs no direction.

There is always an outdoor fire going and we all end up here off and on during the day/night.

There are musicians in our group that kept us entertained while we waited for the midnight hour.

New Year's Day my family had our family Christmas celebration. Amond other things, we did a tribute to Toby Keith with the red solo cups. Sadly, this was the first year ever that our mother was not able to join us. After dinner, we took the celebration to her. Her smile was the best present ever.

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