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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Royals at the Beach Part II

So much for blogging each day at the beach. My plan was to do nothing but read while lying by the water. I did that. I was also very sick all week. In fact, the day after my first blog posting, I had a serious relapse. Red flags warned us every day not to go in the water.

But that was alright. Our goal was to do nothing. That is what we did. Turns out, when you do nothing all day there really is not anything to write about. I read Water for Elephants, which I was saving for the beach. Liked that. Then I read the book Ellen just finsished: Jodi Picoult's Sing You Home. Loved it. Could not put it down. That is pretty much what I did all week. Oh, I did visit with some friends from St. Thomas who have a place in Orange Beach. Thanks to my friend, Cindy, we had dinner at two wondeful restaurants. I was grateful for that because the food experience was not anything to write home about. I am not even going to show you my food photo. You would not forgive me if I did. Instead, I offer you this photo of Ellen expressing her opinion of dinner one night.

I admit the food on the whole was not very good. I did not feel much like eating anyway. And being so sick all week was not what one wishes for while on vacation. Still, I cannot complain. I got to read two good books while at the ocean with a good friend. I really did do exactly what I went there to do.

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