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Monday, May 30, 2011

Now I Am 60

I am thinking you should do whatever you want, with whomever and wherever you want on your 60th birthday.. The where had to be at Gail’s house. It is one of my favorite places on earth…and I have been to some places.

The whomever was Gail, John and friends.

The whatever was to be low keyed. Good thing because I had been sick for a month and was not feeling any better. A small cookout would be perfect. I enjoy the getting’ ready stuff and I arrived at Gail’s in time to watch her and John working in the yard.

Later, I parked myself on the couch with a cup of tea, a good book and some candlelight. I think most things in life should be done by candlelight. So, my birthday celebration was what I wanted. The following day we enjoyed the morning, a hike behind Gail's house and an unplanned dinner with friends.

Now that the birthday is over...

What I don’t know: how much time I have left. But that is not unique to turning 60. I am no different from anyone else…it has nothing to do with age.

What I do know: 60 is the mark of getting old. But it is the youthful side of old. I have met all the life challenges thrown at me for 60 years and am able to tell my life story. As I consider all those experiences, good and bad, I still say I have had a good life. It has certainly been interesting. I have never been afraid to live life. At times, I have walked out on the most fragile limb to take another bite of life. Things did not always turn out so well for me, but I have no regrets. I never lost the nerve to jump again. I see that as a wonderful thing because it means that the beatings I took did not diminish my desire to keep experiencing life. I have loved a couple of good men and I have had some interesting relationships. I have been abused and let down by a few. But I believe I am still worthy of someone’s love. I still hope. I know there is more good than bad left for me. I look forward to every day. I try to live each day as peacefully and simply as I can. And I still want to dance.

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  1. My 60th birthday came and went without causing any bumps in the road. I don't feel "old" at all. Quite the contrary. My body may get tired quicker than before and it may take longer to recover from the stresses I give it, but my mind feels like I'm 25! I really don't want to grow up and won't think about feeling "old" until birthday 70 comes around.