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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eric The Bartender's Last Night

Eric has been the bartender at Room With A View for several months, but he is leaving the island now. He came to see what life would be like here and was open to possibilities. Some change in his life. Maybe a new opportunity. It seems after his short time here, he has been presented with an opportunity that he could not say no to. So, Eric leaves us now to go explore this new possibility. We wish him well. Perhaps we will see him when the next season brings in another new wave of those who come here looking for an experience. Thanks, Eric for the good work you did for us and for being someone we could always count on and trust. We would welcome you should you decide to return.
Eric takes one of his last takeout orders.

Jennifer will be one of Eric's replacements. (How many people will it take to replace Eric?)

Eric gets a little support from his coworkers.
Jennifer gets encouragement from Javier.
Good luck, Jennifer.

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