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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Dolly is my beautiful Red Bone Hound.  If she is in motion, she is probably being led by her nose.  Her trainer once told me, "Make sure she is leashed at all times when outside, otherwise she will be gone".  She would never leave me on purpose.  I have come to believe that. Her accidental leaving would come with a scent that she could not refuse to follow without ever looking back for me as she does on our leashed walks. 

You would think that Dolly would love being out in the backyard, unleashed and free to roam within the confines of the fence.  It is very peaceful out back. And sweet Lucy keeps her company.

To my surprise, Dolly much prefers to be inside with me and MG.  Dolly likes being "out back" best in the late afternoons when MG and I relax poolside reading and enjoying a glass of wine before starting dinner.

At first she wore out the grass around the perimeter of the pool. Now she lies nearby on the warm concrete and is as relaxed as we are.

The front yard is far more enticing to Dolly. 

She knows the boundaries the tether creates and never fights or pulls against the tension. My goal is to always make sure she can be the hound she is...but safely so.

I recently purchased new tethers after Dolly was freed when the old ones started breaking. She now has 75 feet of tethered roaming in the large sloping front yard. We tie her up to different trees so she gets to explore as much as possible.  The front yard offers so much more to look at.  People walking dogs. Passing automobiles.

Things she sees that we don't see.

The horses in the pasture across the road.

Yesterday morning was the best...a fawn came into the yard and for a few moments the fawn and Dolly were the best frolicking friends ever.  Unfortunately, I did not capture them as the deer playfully chased Dolly.  I got a couple of photographs and a short video, which I cannot figure out how to upload here.  Actually, I uploaded it, but I cannot get it to play.  Maybe you can.

After a short romp, the fawn shied away finding a nearby place in the grace to hide.  If we had not known the fawn was there, she would have been easily mistaken for one of the leaves on the ground.

What a great way to start the day.  Thanks Dolly.

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