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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lady Bird Johnson Day - Austin, Texas

Sunday Oct 7
While having breakfast, I reviewed some of the information on nearby towns I read about some weeks ago. I decided the town of Fredericksburg looked interesting. Shelia and I agreed we would leave Austin two days early and head out for Fredericksburg the next day. We will find lodging when we get there. I did not share with her that I had read about The Full Moon Inn because winging it seemed like a good way to go. That worked for me and Tammy  in Oregon last month.  But today! We have declared today Lady Bird Johnson Day . Lady Bird was dedicated to the environment and did much to make the world a more beautiful place.  Decades ago she began an effort to help preserve and restore the natural landscape. Today her Center is one of the country's most credible research institutions for native plants. Van Morrison's voice was in my head...let go the mystery. That is what we did as we entered the gardens where we would leisurely explore for the next few hours.
The weather was unbelievably beautiful and below Austin's normal hot. That  made for a most pleasant outdoor day for this mountain girl.

At 3:00 we had a late lunch.  We seem to find the best food. Rested, we headed toward the city and made arrangements for a sunset bat cruise. (That has to be a separate blog.) Shelia and I had to wait a while to board, so we settled on the patio at the Hyatt with our good friend Cosmo. 


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